Welcome to the blog series on migration and mobilities in Latin America, with contributions from scholars and activists in the region as well from Bristol. We publish posts in Spanish, Portuguese or English (apologies, with limited resources these won’t be translated at this stage). We will be posting a new blog weekly over the next few months.


Published blogs

  • Inclusive language for exclusive migration policy outcomes
    By Victoria Finn and Sebastián Umpierrez de Reguero. An attempt to change a migration law reigning from a military dictatorship 40 years ago must be a step in the right direction, right? Not necessarily. In 2018, the newly elected Chilean government proposed a migration law, implemented a regularisation process, and introduced visas for Haitians and Venezuelans. In a recently published open access article in Latin American Policy, we evaluate Chile’s migration decisions, aligning with […]
  • The desperate journey back to Venezuela
    By Alexandra Castro In most countries around the world, the vulnerability of migrants has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. The reasons for this are several: loss of jobs the difficulty of maintaining quarantine measures due to their participation in the informal labour market, limited access to healthcare and increasing discrimination. These migrants’ family members, who remain in their country of origin, have also been badly affected since they no longer receive remittances. This is […]
  • To stay home or go out to work? Brazil’s unequal modes of COVID-19 survival
    By Aline Pires, Felipe Rangel and Jacob Lima. The COVID-19 pandemic arrived in Brazil in a context of severe economic and political crisis. Since the 2016 parliamentary coup, we have seen the dismantling of social policies and rights, which, while never fully implemented in the country, were enshrined in the 1988 Constitution known as the ‘Citizen’s Constitution’. The current government of Jair Bolsonaro has taken this dismantling further with labour reforms that have made […]
  • Migration, racism and the pandemic in Chile’s mass media
    By Carolina Ramírez. During the global COVID-19 public health crisis, mass media in diverse contexts has fuelled stigmatisation and moral judgement towards particular segments of society by holding them accountable for spreading the virus. In Chile, as in other countries, the media has focused particularly on people who apparently refuse to comply with new public norms of civility, such as maintaining a safe physical distance when outdoors, staying at home and paying attention to […]