Maria Paula Escobar-Tello

Lecturer in Farm Animal Science, Bristol Veterinary School

Maria Paula’s research explores the tensions and intersections between livestock farming and the environment. She is particularly interested in the challenges of reconciling the impetus for conservation and the duty to protect livelihoods. Through these themes she pursues an interest in cultural politics, agricultural and environmental governance and human-animal relationships. Conceptually, her research relates to regulation studies, more-than-human geographies, political ecology and the politics of materiality. Most of her research takes place in Colombia and Argentina but she is expanding further afield. 

Maria Paula started her academic studies in Journalism and Communication then Political Science before doing a Masters in Environment, Politics and Globalisation. This was followed by a PhD in Geography, which led to her current post in the Bristol Veterinary School. During this time she moved back and forth between her native Colombia and the UK as well as between different disciplines – this mobility between contexts and theoretical approaches shapes her research today. Her methodologies have also often followed the ways in which ideas, objects, policies and even microbes move.

She is currently working on four interdisciplinary and international projects related to reforestation, water management, ecosystem conservation and anti-microbial resistance AMR. 

Recent publication:

Escobar-Tello, M.P. and Conlon, S. 2019. ‘Interrogating land and water use change in the Colombian Andes. Socio-ecological tensions, farming and habitat conservation in Guantiva-La Rusia.’ Cabot Institute for the Environment Blog. 21 March.

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